EDDS RWY 25 with hills!

With the EDDS scenery from JustSim I have the following strange display at RWY 25 ( screen )!

AIRAC Cycle2101 revision 3
Installed with 1.0.0-beta 3

Only EDDS and navigraph are in the community.

Without the Navdata the RWY 25 is without hills!

I can reproduce it again and again.

Thanks a lot

Hi Hermann,
I don´t have this scenery, so it´s a little bit hard to understand whats happened here, but I had one request to you:
Can you upload your content.xml file here please?

You find the exact location here:
FAQ - Location/Path of content.xml package file

Thank you,

Thank you very much Richard,

It’s done!
I deleted content.xml and MSFS2020 rebuilt it.
That’s it!


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Thanks Hermann - I have looked on your content.xml file and that would my second request now … you were faster and one of the persons who reads the FAQ - thank you very much for this!

Also thanks for your feedback - will sign your posting as “Solution”.
Liebe Grüße

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