Aerosoft (Stairport) EDER Wasserkuppe - Overlapping runway


I am facing the issue that the scenery of the recently released german airfield “EDER - Wasserkuppe” by Aerosoft/Stairport displays an overlaying runway when using navigraph at the same time.
I have already reported the issue in the aerosoft forum.
I do use the latest Navigraph client (beta) with the 2103 rev. 2 Airac. I did reinstall the airac and client multiple times and also the scenery itself. Furthermore I checked the content.xml. From my perspective Navigraph is positioned in the correct place. Is there anything else I can do or does the developer has to change something to the scenery? One fellow flightsimmer has given the feedback in the AS forum that he does not have the runway issue with Navigraph and the Wasserkuppe airfield.

I appreciate any help. Thank you


Hi Soeren,
can you upload your content.xml file please, that I can look on it. The scenery must be below/after our package. I have tested it and it looks good on my end …

Thank you,

Hi Richard,

thank you for your quick response and support. Currently I am not at home, will provide
the content.xml in the evening. As far as I have checked the file the Wasserkuppe scenery is definitely below the Navigraph entry.


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No prob Soeren … we will find a solution :wink: … Happy working :slight_smile:

Hi Richard, hi all,

I would like to let you know what I successfully tried:

  1. Deleted the current content.xml
  2. Removed the Navdata via the installer
  3. Started the MSFS
  4. Scenery EDER Wasserkuppe was ok
  5. Re-Installed the Navdata
  6. The scenery (runway) is still looking correct.

So finally this did the trick. Thanks for your help.


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Great, thanks Soeren - so, you had a mess in your content.xml file :slight_smile:

We had describe exactly this way in our FAQ :slight_smile:

Fine, that its working now … Viel Spaß & liebe Grüße

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