Missing Data in EDDS

I have no SID/STAR in EDDS.
Im using EDDS from Justsim.
I already removed Navdata deleted Content.xml started FS installed Navdata.
In the Worldmap EDDS ist there. Runway Gates etc. No SID/STAR.
In the A32nx in the FMC no SID/STAR.
Last month all was OK.
THX for your great work. :+1:

two things:

  1. You have installed the latest client beta 23, right?
  2. You have installed the latest AIRAC cycle 2104 rev 2?

Please can you upload your content.xml file here?

And only just to confirm: you don’t use any unsupported addon-linker or similar else? Means the packages are really in your community folder?


PS: which sim do you use? Marketstore or Steam?

beta 23 check
AIRAC 2104 rev2 check
addonlinker unable
Content.xml (5.6 KB)

Steam version check

thx :+1: :+1: :+1:

thanks for the details and I have a good and bad news:

The good one is that I know why you don´t see any terminal procedure and the bad one is that we can´t do anything for that.

Here the reason:
The Airport-Reference-Point (ARP) is completely off and therefore the Justsim scenery is in another sim QMID square. The ARP lat/lon is a “default” point on each airport and will be used as reference for all other facilities.

Here this the airport-reference-point on the charts:

You see in this case (EDDS), it´s in the middle of the runway.

And here a google maps screenshot:

The red circle is the Justsim EDDS ARP, the green circle is the original ARP code from the AIP Germany. Completely off …

Ok, now the sim is using several small squares on the earth to make the scenery loadings more efficient (simple called QMID). A QMID is a unique square which can contain more then one airport, one information. The airport-reference point is now important to know, which QMID should be loaded. Only for very fast and simple explanation …

Now, what here happened is that the Justsim reference point lies in another QMID as the original one and therefore the navdata can´t be loaded. Scenery is always the winner :slight_smile: … In other words, when JustSim fix this you will immediately see the navdata.

Here the coordinates:
ARP from JustSim EDDS scenery:
48.68775676935911 / 9.206363260746002

… and here the ARP from the AIP Germany (the real one coordinates):
48.68987778 / 9.22196389

Sorry, but this case, we can´t do anything because the ARP coordinates are simple wrong and due the QMID calculation the bad luck in a other QMID. Therefore the navdata can´t be loaded by the sim and you can not use any EDDS procedures nor other navaid facilities.

Please report this to JustSim, they should fix this because it´s not correct …

PS: by the way, the ASOBO stock data also don´t use the real-world ARP coordinates and sometimes (when the QMID calculation gets another value) you don´t see any navdata too with stock airports. We had still reported this for months to ASOBO …

Thx Richard
I Report thus to Justin.

Bye :+1:


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Servus Matthias,
look at here … it´s similar to the EDDS issue what you have reported. Justsim must not change anything. It seems that ASOBO has done some changes in the scenery-order logic again.
When I do this what I have described in the LTFM posting, you can select the terminal procedures as expected.

… so this is not a navdata issue, it´s more (again and again) a order issue in the scenery file (content.xml).

Dankeschön & lg

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