SALV double runways

SALV is default Asobo scenery. I do have the free Paderborn scenery installed (aerosoft-paderborn), but it is via the Marketplace, so is not in my Community folder, but the OneStore folder instead.

I would have been surprised if they were related as SALV is in South America.

Looking at it closer, it appears there are two ICAO’s overlayed here, SALV, and OVJ.

If I play with LNM, and configure it to use Navigraph for all features, then SALV disappears, and OVJ remains.


Just trying again, with Paderborn moved out of the OneStore folder, and the Navigraph data removed from the Community folder.

Now search for OVJ, it finds nothing:



So it looks like the Navigraph data is adding the OVJ airport.

Depending on which sim you look at, it is named differently:

X-Plane - SA8I
Navigraph - OVJ

Ah ok, but that has nothing todo with this topic.
I haven´t found any airport with the ICAO code SALV, nor have I found any information in the AIP Argentinia for this ICAO code, so not sure if this icao code is really still exist. SA8I and OVJ are correct and the same, we have OVJ in the database.

And the reason for this double runways are clear:

  1. the icao code is not the same (SALV <> OVJ) - so we create a own runway for OVJ
  2. the runway idents are differ

I assume, that SALV is an outdated ICAO code for this airport. Sorry, please report this to ASOBO, we can´t do anything for that.

Thank you

I have a similar issue at SALV.


Which leads to this:



Removing the Navigraph data restores the runway:



Hi …
sorry for the delay of this answer …
I assume that SALV is an addon scenery, right? From where? Can I download it somewhere?

One question:
Do you have installed the “Freeware Scenery from Aerosoft - Paderborn”? When yes, please can you remove it for a test somewhere out of the community folder and can you try it again?

Thank you,

one question: Do you have installed the “Aerosoft Paderborn” scenery? When yes, please remove it and try your scenery again. Please report the result back …
Thank you,

Tested both with, and without, Paderborn installed with the same results.

It is a default airstrip, not an addon scenery of any kind.
So it can’t be replaced with your update because Asobo data, presumably from Navblue, has this down as SALV, and not SA8I?

Right - has nothing todo with the Paderborn scenery. I have splitted the topic into a own one, because your issue is a “normal” one which only can be fixed by ASOBO.

Here the answer, which I have given you above:

I will raise this with Asobo Zendesk in that case, and will link to this thread.

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