Additional scenery overlapping another

I come to report a strange issue and request how to remove a scenery from your database…

When positioned on threshold at LFOA with an addon scenery from, I see 2 runways. I have investigated in my community folder and I do not have duplicates.
After many digging actions, I came to think about Navigraph. Therefore, I deleted the Airac and lunched the simulator (MSFS). The runway had disappeared.

I went to the forum and discovered some issues related to double runways and have applied the “Scenery-File re-organisation” checklist mentioned here (FAQ - Scenery-File re-organisation / initialization).
Reinstall of Nav Data Center and update of AIRAC 2213 rev.1.

I restarted the sim and the scenery was back.

I would like to know if you can provide a solution to this problem.

I also would like to know how I can find the bgl file of LFOA within the massive amount of folders in the fs-base-jep folder (0000, 0001, 0002 etc…).

Thanks for any help.

Hi Bruno,
the problem with this scenery is, that this scenery doesn´t contain the ctDeleteAirport element, specially the deleteAllRunways element, which is necessary to overwrite some existing runways from packages in the Community folder. Therefore you see the double runways.

That´s not a navdata issue - please report this to the scenery designer. He should set following tags in his project in the DeleteAirport element:

deleteAllApproaches = FALSE
deleteAllFrequencies = FALSE
deleteAllHelipads = TRUE
deleteAllRunways = TRUE
deleteAllStarts = TRUE
deleteAllDepartures = FALSE
deleteAllArrivals = FALSE
deleteAllPaintedElements = TRUE
deleteAllLightSupports = TRUE

When the scenery is updated you only must add the scenery in your content.xml file and all is good - the double runways are removed.

To your second question:
You can´t remove a single airport from the navdata packages.

Again, this is a scenery issue from the designer because he doesn´t delete possible existing runway-elements in his scenery. Please report this to the designer.

Thank you,

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