Constant Sign Outs from Charts apps

I’ve noticed over the past week that staying signed into Navigraph Charts for longer than 3 or 4 hours is tricky. I access charts via Firefox (87.0 64-bit) and for example I’m currently en-route from KLAS to KDTW and I’ve been signed out twice (less than 4 hours of total time from initial browser session launch).

I do not access Navigraph charts via any other solution, nor do I use the Simlink product (uninstalled it after frequent in-flight authentication prompts).

I use the browser for other things during flight and do not experience similar timeouts with regards to authenticated credentials.

Hi …,


Could you please try with Chrome and let us know how you get on.


Chrome 89.0.4389.128

still occurring. Less than Firefox, barely over an hour into tonight’s flight and got prompted to re-authenticate

Please confirm you have latest Charts V 7.3.8.

Also try a flight without Antivirus.



How do you confirm the web version of Charts? I don’t see a place where the version information is stored. I haven’t run an AV on my sim computer in 3 years (Microsoft Defender isn’t active on the machine). It’s a quarantined machine NAT’d off from my main network. I only access simbrief, and on the computer in question.


Hi Jason,

In dropdown menu top right\Settings



Yes sir!

Do you get the same Sign outs with Charts Cloud in Chrome ?


Ian - I do. Although I get less, but I also have considerably less hours with Charts using Chrome. I can go maybe 75 minutes without getting signed out via Firefox. But I’ve got about ~400 hours of Firefox. I’ve only just installed Chrome after our discussion (no desire to use that browser) and only have about ~10 hours in Firefox but a similar interval (60-80 minutes per session) then a re-auth prompt.

Firefox tonight. Three sign outs in less than 4 hours. Simbrief remained signed in the whole time, as did vattastic and vatsim forums. (Trying to compare other authentication keep alives)

Chrome tonight, 4 sign-outs in less than 3 hours.

Guess I’ll close the loop on my own thread seeing ya’ll have gone silent. Over the past 48-hours no more constant sign-outs. So dunno what (if anything) changed on the back end. Still running the same version of both browsers and no system changes otherwise.

Hi Jason,

I am pleased the constant sign-outs have stopped. Please let us know if they occur again.


I al using the new chart functionnality in the G3000 workingtitle in MFS2020.
In have to sign in each time I start the sim
I use chrome
Some solution please
Thanks you


I’m having the same issues as described by the OP with charts app in my browser. I’m getting logged out of the app every hour or so. I use the most recent Chrome Browser and the app is also version 7.3.8.

While I am logged out of the charts app I am still logged into your main site and also the forum login is also active without having to enter my credentials. Which feels a bit weird, since I thought they all should be using the same login data in the background.

Now I have the same problem. Today I already had to relogin 3 times,
which is VERY ANNOYING since we now have a two factor login and I have to scan a barcode every time.
Please DO SOMETHING against that!

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I have exactly the same problem. If this problem isn’t fixed soon I will switch to Aersoft LIDO.

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I am having the same log out problem as well. It’s annoying. The longest I can stay logged in is about 30 minutes.

Hi all,

We appreciate how annoying this is. We are working on isolating the problem.

Thank you for your patience.


For those who have had this issue in the last 48 hours: Are you using the Windows app, or are you using Charts Cloud in a browser?

Does it logout when you are actively doing something in the app, or when it is sitting idle?