Navigraph stops responding

On a flight with the FBW A32nx from EGLL to EGPD. Several times NG stopped responding (arrow no longer followed plane). I closed NG and restarted. With each restart it asked me to sign back in using either a code in a browser window or a QR code with my phone. Once signed back in everything was fine, until it happened again.
Is it something on my end? Thank you in advance for your response.


Please try setting to default browser to Chrome as a test.

Also try Charts Cloud.

Please let us know if the sign outs are still occurring?


Thank you. I really appreciate your response. I’m sorry but Chrome causes far too many other issues for me to install and use it. And I simply do not trust it’s security and privacy policies. I use Firefox primarily, and Edge when I need to. If I must use Chrome then I’ll have to consider whether or not to continue using NG. I’m wondering what difference my browser makes if I don’t have it open when I use NG? Another question please - What is Charts Cloud? Does that run from my browser instead of from the NG app?
If it helps, this problem just started occurring yesterday. It was working fine since I began my subscription last month.

Our developers are testing out some reported Logouts. I was requesting you try Chrome only as a test to provide feedback.

No matter. Charts Cloud is the browser based Charts version which provides virtually identical functionality to Charts Desktop. Please try it and advise if the logouts still occur.


OK. I really appreciate your response. I’ll be back flying tomorrow so I’ll give it a try.


Please update to the latest version 7.4.2 which was released just minutes ago and let us know if it works better. If the app doesn’t prompt you, you can get it from Navigraph

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Thank you for your help with this. I just flew the exact same flight plan using Charts Cloud, and everything worked flawlessly. No problems.
When I get home from work tomorrow I’ll try the same flight plan using Charts Desktop again.

I saw your Reply after I finished the flight. I Replied to Ian already. I’m going to update the Desktop app now, and will try the same flight again tomorrow when I get home from work.
The NG team is extremely helpful! Thank you for your quick and thorough responses.

I flew the same flight plan with the latest Desktop 7.4.2 version and everything worked flawlessly! I’m so happy. I have rarely experienced such prompt and thorough attention to a user’s / customer’s concerns. I am now a subscriber to NG for life. Please pass along my appreciation to your whole team.

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