Navigraph constantly sings out!

While using Navigraph Charts with MSFS 2020, the app signs me out every couple of hours during the flight. How can I make this stop… aside from cancelling my subscription (which is my preferred choice at this point)?

I’ve been fighting this problem off and on for a couple years. Sometimes it will seem to fix itself and then it comes right back and is like that for months. Lately I’m getting the request to log in daily vs. every couple of hours but it’s still a nuisance. This is the only piece of software I’ve used that seems to have this issue. Most will have a login cookie that persists for a few weeks at a minimum.

Thanks Erurekaiv, I thought maybe I was doing something wrong but, from what I can determine, there are few options to mess this up. Looks like I’ll be saving a few dollars every month because I’m not going to subscribe to something with this kind of bug. Happy flying.

Hello @eurekaiv and @Geno63 ! Thank you for the feedback!

Are you using the desktop application or the website? These are the only current reports we have of this issue, and we’d be happy to look into it. We had an issue that fits the description shortly after release, but it has since been confirmed fixed by countless parties so this must be something else.

If you’re running the desktop app, which version are you using? You can find the version at the top of the settings page. Also, try to recall what you are doing at the point where the app signs you out, did you press any button in particular?

Sorry for the inconvenience, it is not supposed to sign you out and we cannot reproduce this ourselves.

Kind Regards,

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I’m on desktop Navigraph Charts v8.16.0 build 3712066190

I’m constantly pressing buttons while using the simulator so I couldn’t begin to isolate one to signing me out. Of late, I’m typically having to sign in when I begin a session. My workflow is to launch the sim, create a SimBrief plan, load that into the Charts app then program up the FMC and try to go somewhere. Usually, I discover I’m not signed in when I try and load the plan into Charts.

Just hopped back on the computer and when I logged back into my PC I found I had been signed out.

We’re not seeing this issue reported anywhere else, so I’m left to assume that the root cause is something local, such as a firewall or antivirus. Interference caused by, for example, overprotective antivirus software, in the communications between our application and our servers could very well lead to signouts.

Despite us not being able to reproduce this ourselves, we would of course like to help!

Are you saying that you are getting signed out while the app is not being used? When do you discover that you are not signed in - when starting the application? Or do you see the signout happen, getting kicked out to the sign-in screen?

Going by this, it sounds like it failed to sign you in. Does it always do that or is it random? It is not expected behavior and again, not something we are able to reproduce ourselves.

If it isn’t possible to find a possible cause and/or pattern such as:

  • Antivirus / Firewall
  • Pressing a particular button in the application
  • Waking the computer up from sleep
  • Opening after closing the app in a non-natural way

… or anything similar, we can set up a remote session and I’ll have a look!

Kind Regards,

Skysail - I’m having the same issues as Eurekaiv. I’m running Windows 10 with the latest updates and Navigraph Charts v8.16.0 build 3712066190 with Win Defender for a virus checker. This is on a Falcon Northwest powerhouse machine, so it shouldn’t be the computer. I also had problems signing into Navigraph this morning on both my PC & iPad, where I got the first time error: “*There is an error determining which application you are signing into. Return to the application and try again. Request ID: 685d4b59-2a57-4d52-a04a-1731bca9a8db.” It took me a couple of attempts to close it all out and finally sign back in. I’m running Navigraph now on a 5 hour flight to see if it stays signed in or not.

I hope that helps the troubleshooting effort and thanks for taking a look into the issue.

I’m on Windows 11 updated to whatever the latest is, and I do not have any anti-virus software installed other than what Windows 11 installs. It’s also not configured to do anything other than what it would do by default. So far this morning, it appears I’m still signed in.

I don’t press any particular buttons in the application that seem to cause me to have these issues.

I am often waking my computer up from sleep so this seems like a potential culprit.

I have no idea what a non-natural way to open or close the app would be, I tend to just leave charts running most of the time but if I do reboot my PC and open it, I open it from the shortcut I added to my Task Bar.

Sim Link is configured to start with my PC and it seems like it will occasionally be signed out when Charts is.

@Geno63 , just to clarify:

Do you also experience occasional signouts? Do you also use Simlink and does that also get signed out at the same time as it seems to do for @eurekaiv ?

The other issue must have been something temporary, let us know if it happens again in a new, separate topic that includes what browser you’re using. Also, if it does, please try pressing the Trouble signing in? button and follow those steps - I’d be interested in whether or not that works out better!

I see. The reason why this might affect things is that network connectivity can sometimes be negatively impacted immediately after a wake-up, which in theory could cause you to be signed out. But you don’t happen to get the screen telling you “There seem to be a problem with your connection”, do you?

A non-natural way would be pressing Alt + F4 for example, but in any case that should not cause any issues. In this case, it sounds like the app is opened and closed normally.

This is quite interesting, as the Simlink and Charts apps have absolutely nothing in common at all… It is also the first instance that I’ve personally heard about where Simlink would have this issue. It makes me think that the issue is indeed local somehow, but I would still love to be able to pin it down further!

When does this issue usually happen? When starting the application or while using it?


Ref your question about Simlink & Navigraph being signed out at the same time: No, I haven’t noticed that issue but will run it again today and see if that happens.