Navigraph Charts 8 - Keeps Requiring Login Won't Remember Credentials

Hi Folks,

I have Navdata Center running in system tray logged in, along with Symlink and Simbrief downloader. Charts 8 for Windows Desktop keeps asking for a login and won’t recall my credentials. Ideas on how to make it persistent? Thanks!


This newest version is genuinely annoying. I wish there is an option to revert back. Why on earth does this log me out every time even when I’m on final approach. Make the login permanent so we don’t have to do it again!

@admins please fix this login issue.


Same happening here also.


Same here … i think (but not sure) it happens when i close the browser login window after linking… Windows 11 | Edge 107.0.1418.35

Same here.

Makes it unplayable.

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I’ve been very impressed with the update overall, but yeah, I’ve had to sign in four times now. Something’s not quite right.

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Hello guys! It is nighttime for the team at the moment, but I just wanted to let you all know that we see you and that we’ll look into it ASAP.

In the meantime (while we catch some sleep), it would be great if you could try to correlate the event of being logged out with an interaction with the app. That way we know where to look, as we are yet to be able to reproduce this ourselves!

Thanks for understanding and sorry for the inconvenience!

Kind Regards,



So I too am experiencing this. Or in my case, it is telling me to “link with my account”.

I am on my first flight with the new charts, just flying along with a route imported from SimBrief, and without doing anything I am just randomly getting a screen telling me I need to link the account.

On a 2.5 hour flight, it has happened 3 times so far.

If possible I will get a screen capture if (when) it happens again.

Really appreciate your communication. Makes a difference.

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Same issue. Logs me out.

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Same problem. I’ve had to re-login at least four times in the past couple hours.

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I’d like to add that it’s also happening on the macOs (Ventura 13.0) version. It logs me out after approximately an hour and I have to sign back in.


after a while running Charts Desctop on my Tablet PC in the Homecockpit i have to relogin ???
What is this ?

I get the login Page, then in the opening Browser window i have (again) to click Allow…
In the old Charts Desctop App i did that ONE Times and it was enough.

Can you pls fix that?
Its really annoying !

It is not Simlink.


Yup, I’m seeing that too with the new version.

Totally a bug?

Thank you for your response! In my experience, so far it has happened twice on the same flight. I use a separate laptop (Microsoft Surface Windows 10) to run Navigraph Charts. The update icon on Charts 7 popped up roughly an hour into my flight (Toliss A321 CYVR-PHKO, 5 hours) so I downloaded that. Discovered that all my saved flights are gone, so for my existing flight, I just copied and pasted what I entered into my simbrief flight plan. First log out occurred a few minutes after I opened Charts 8, during the cruise phase; the sign in page mentioned about the ability to be kept logged in all the time. Second log out occurred on the taxi in after landing and before parking at gate. Tried closing and opening the Charts 8 several times. Posted my first response in this thread soon after parking (that was roughly 2100 UTC 8 Nov).

Details of my set up.
MSI Desktop running Win 11 home 22H2
2 Monitors
Prepare3D v5.3, Simmconnect v5.3, Carenado ATR was the plane.
Navigraph Charts running on same PC. Also running ActiveSky, VAS ACARS and Adobe Reader.
Hadn’t interacted directly with Navigraph Charts for a while and it logged out. It was showing a route and following a moving map.
It was almost like it timed out, the token expired or something like that.
I left the webpage open after I had linked the account but still needed to re-link after it had logged out.

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If I have to beg I beg but please stop the login insanity. It is not only the new desktop app, everything related to Navigraph is making me completely crazy.
Simbrief: 1 login per day.
Android app: Login every time I open it, 2 or 3 logins per day.
Charts in some planes: Login.
New destop app: 5, 6, 10 logins.

I’m starting to develop a special groan for every time I have to log into some of your applications.

Please, please stop this.


Same issue here. Logged out a number of times randomly.

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Same here. Please fix.

Hi all,

We have identified a potential issue with the Desktop app not able to maintain the signed in state in some circumstances. We’ll test and issue a fix as soon as possible.

The web app and tablet (iPad/Android) apps should not have this problem so please use them in the meanwhile.

Sorry for the inconvenience.