Constantly Logged Out

Dear Navigraph Team,

I’d like to offer you a deal: I will continue to pay for the service in full, and you, Navigraph, will in return agree to render the service I paid for, without interruption, and specifically without constantly logging me out and forcing me to re-enter my credentials.

Snarky remark aside, I’m getting increasingly frustrated with the constant need to login again and again, sometimes daily, sometimes mid-session and across all application and devices, with each client needing to be logged in seperatly. Frankly, I’m getting tired of proving to you that I am a paid subscriber and am considering to just stop being one altogether. Please rethink your approach and consider doing what other business do, which is to set credential timeouts in sync with the subscription renewal timing (i.e., check once per month on the first day of the subscription period) and please, please (!) investigate the concept of single-sign-on authentication.



We are sorry to hear you are being frequently logged out. This is not normal. Please make sure you have the latest version of Charts 8, SimLink, FMS Data Manager and Navigraph Navdata Center from Downloads, as there were some logout issues in some older versions.

If this continues, please take screenshots using Guide to posting Screenshots and identify which app is disconnecting you.


Hi Ian,

Very much appreciate the cordial and speedy response, despite my tone (apologies).

I just reinstalled all Navigraph apps with the latest versions from the Downloads page and also made sure the iOS app was current. I was pretty sure that I had the latest versions of all apps already, but let’s see if the re-install helped matters.

Will report back.


same issue here, but a bit different. My simlink isn´t starting anymore with system start… I´ll try a reinstall …

greets Klaus


after reinstall it seems to work now …


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