Charts requires sign-in after sleep

I’m still having trouble keeping Charts signed in on my PC. It seems like this is related to putting my PC to sleep. After wake-up, I must re-sign into the Charts app each time. This was not the case in the past so either something with Windows has changed or something on the Charts side. Is there a setting I can check perhaps? This gets very annoying as my computer is put to sleep many times in a day and so it follows that many times in a day I may need to re-sign into Charts.


Please confirm it is Charts and not Simlink requiring relogin?

Is there a difference if you use Charts Cloud ?


I suppose SimLink is the app I must use to reconnect so it could be the app that’s not keeping me signed in, with the end result that Charts is not connected. I have not tried Charts cloud. Is that the preferred way to keep charts open and active now?