Stop asking me to sign in again

Once after I install the charts desktop application on a new computer needs to be enough.

Idk what youre doing then but ive only hsd to log in once.


How often do you need to sign in? Once per day, or more often? At the start of a session? In the middle of a flight?



Also see this topic - does it sound related to what you are experiencing?

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I can only quantify it as “sometimes”… Maybe once a week, maybe every few days, it varies. Sometimes it is just a minor annoyance (fire up the password manager, enter the password, 20 seconds of my life gone, no biggie). But when it happens during approach and I am already hand flying and now I need to start messing with sign ins to get my approach chart back it is a bigger problem.

Yes, it might be a similar issue; last time it was after a chart update, sometimes it is after a brief network interruption, could well be that it is always triggered by small hiccups like that.

Making the application more robust against such disruptions would be good, if there is something you can do to improve that.