Charts app suddenly not working

Hi everyone

Ive been a subscriber for years and have never had any issues with Navigraph charts app until now. Latest update makes it impossible for me to run the app (it crashes instantly). It was working just fine yesterday! Ive tried to reinstall it to no avail.

Im running iOs 13.3 on an Ipad Air 2.

I tried updating the iOs, but for now its refusing to do so.

Anyways, I hope this can be solved.



Try removing and reinstalling the app.


Yes, I did mention it in the OP. Ive done that three times to no avail.

Same problem here on my iPad and IPhone 12. I tried to reinstall the app but cannot get passed the sign in.

Hello! Apologies for the inconvenience.

We are not able to reproduce this issue, and Apple would not have approved the app if it was crashing.

What version of Charts is installed according to the app store?

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Your issue seems unrelated (OP mentions that his app is crashing, you have another topic open dedicated to not getting past the sign-in screen).

I will follow up in your other topic!


Im running version 8.31.1 of Navigraph Charts on iOs 13.3.

What puzzles me is the sudden onset of this from one day to the next. It was working just fine (with this version), I turned off the Ipad for the night and the following day, when I turned it back on, the Navigraph app would not start, but crashed immediately at every attempt.

Now im up to the umoteenth attempt at reinstalling it, but clearly this is not the solution.

IDK why the Ipad refuses to install iOs 15, but maybe the Ipad Air 2 is now abandonware for Apple?

I might try to do a factory reset.

But im not gonna complain to hard. The Navigraph Charts app has been running flawlessly for years for me, so I guess it was dure for some troublešŸ˜‰

Our next-to-last update (8.31.0) unintentionally broke support for iOS 12. The latest update (8.31.1) fixed that, and users on iOS/iPadOS 12 have been reporting success so far.

I am puzzled as to why it would be crashing for you! It should work given that it works on iOS 12, but we do not have any way of testing our app on iOS 13 unfortunatelyā€¦

What is the behavior like? Does the app open at all or does it crash immediately? Do you see a white screen first?

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Thanks for the reply

Well, when I select the app it loads and shows the color of the app as I am used to seeing it, for about one second. Then I suddenly find myself back in the main interface of the iOs.

I just discovered that the app is running in the background, so it does not actually crash, but trying to select it, does the same: It immediately exits me back to iOs desktop.

Very puzzling indeed. I tried deleting other programs to see if there was any interference, but no luck so far.

Hmm, itā€™s also odd that Apple has not sent us any crash reports from you. We can see those who got crashes on iOS 12, and a few unrelated crashes since, but nothing from an iPad Air on iOS 13.

Perhaps you could try installing our beta build? That way you should get a question to send crash logs to us if the app does not work! You can find it here:

Thanks again

More weirdness. The Ipad cannot get into your website or forum via Safari or Firefox. Finally found the link and tried installing Test Pilot, but was told I needed iOs 14 or later, and since its refusing to install updates (IDK why), I gave up.

Right now I decided to do a factory reset and take it from there. I only used the device for Navigraph charts, so it was no big deal.

I think this was not a real app crash, more a Javascript issue that suddenly appeared for unknown reasons.

I will keep you posted on the progress.

Unfortunately it did not work. Its behaving the exact same way.

Im stuck in a limbo here. What a weird problem!

Finally it updated to iOs 15, which solved the problem for me. Still scratching my head over what happened with the app in iOs 13 all of a suddenly.

Thank you for the replies!

I am happy to hear that you managed to resolve it! Indeed still a very weird situationā€¦

Thank you for keeping us posted and sharing your solution, it is much appreciated!

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