Charts App ipad

I have recently updated my ipad to IOS 16.7 and I have noticed that sometimes (not always) navigraph chart app freezes and I have to exit the app and then restart it. Sometimes it also logs me out while I am using it and then have to log back again (No problem however sometimes it does bother me).

Any feedback on the above?


The latest iOS version is 17.1.1. I don’t know if you can upgrade on your device, if so we recommend using the latest version.

Also please remove and reinstall the Charts iOS app to ensure you have the latest.

We have enabled increased logging on your account. Please use the app over the next say week and advise if and how often you have disconnections/logouts detailing specifics.


Hi Ian,

Thanks for your response - Yes I have now updated my ipad to IOS 17.1.1, also re-installed chart app and have used it today. So far no issues, Will continue to monitor this situation.