Navigraph Charts crashed


I have the latest version of Navigraph Charts 8.23.1
I have an Android tablet Huawei MediaPad T5.
Latest version of this Android is 8.0.0

Navigraph Charts worked this morning but I cannot open it anymore. The app makes me crashing all the time.
I follow your different steps.
Forcing app then relaunched.
Uninstall then reinstall
Forcing android to restart.

I have an IOS that works pretty well but my android tablet looks old but still worked until now.
The one on my computer works as well.

Any suggestions please ?


Did you also install the newest update 8.23.1 this morning, and did the problems start right after the update? Or did you install it a few days ago and suddenly it started causing problems?

I have added some logging on your account, could you try it again now? It will likely behave the same but it might give us some more data.

So basically it crashes right on start? Or do you see the map for a little while before the crash?



I installed the newest update a few days ago (they’ve said yesterday so 2 days ago).
Between the 2 days ago until sunday morning (Bangkok time), everything looked smooth. Once I wanted to open the charts again, I couldn’t.
During the loading of the app, you can see the screen becoming white (normal because it’s loading).
After 5 seconds, the white screen disappear and the app crashed.
Yes, it basically crash right on start. (I have just tried again now).

Same for me after latest Playstore/Android update 17-3-2023
White screen and app doesn’t start.
On PC/Win11 version Charts works fine.

Previous App/Android version:
Everything worked before the update except for the fact that ones in a while working with Charts the app just stopt
Also I found in general loading of charts rather slow (slow respons or no respons)

My tablet SM-T560 with Adroid 7.1.0


Hello all,

I am also having same problem. Charts crashes on the startup after latest update. Tried to reinstall, but doesn’t help. Running Android 7.1.1 version on SM-T555 tablet.

Kind regards,

This is probably going to be the worst bug report ever, but I’m using the latest version of Charts, downloaded straight from the Google Play Store and up to date, on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ using Android 13 and One UI 5.1, and it’s sporadically unstable. Possibly, but not certainly, to the point of destabilizing the whole system.

Aside from the above, I can’t say too much about it because it is sporadic, and not intentionally repeatable. The app itself freezes, but sometimes comes back without issue, other times it has to be restarted, and still other times the whole tablet does. Furthermore, and whether this is related or not I cannot say, sometimes after dealing with a Charts instability and/or crash/restart, the home and change app buttons do not work, and the tablet refuses to shutdown or restart without doing a manual override.

I’m happy to try to answer any questions, but it is so random, I have not been able to detect any similarity or triggering mechanism aside from using Charts in the first place.

So, thanks for any potential help, I’m sorry I cannot be more helpful, and I’ll leave it in your capable hands as to what should be done next.



I have added some logging on your account, could you try it again now? It will likely behave the same but it might give us some more data.



It seems I had the same problem random unstable some times freezing the whole system. App stopped working
Whith the latest update 17-3-2023 it stopped working completely.

I have posted/reacted to this issue on a sepearate post today.

SM-T560 with Android 7.1.2

Marcel (EHAM)

Hi all,

We are aware of this issue and are working on a fix. Please standby. In the meanwhile, if you experience this problem with the app then please use in Chrome on your device.



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Hi All…

I briefly enjoyed the Navigraph Charts app on an Android Tablet. After a recent update, the app stopped working. I give a big minus for this, unfortunately, despite the fact that until recently I praised the app. Uninstalling and reinstalling Navigraph Charts on the Tablet didn’t help, it continues to crash and can’t be launched in any way. Unsurprisingly, I don’t have time to play with these problems!!! For the last few months of using Navigraph Charts, on PC, Google or Android, there are the same problems, which seem to have been increasing from time to time, not decreasing. I am just fed up with fighting these problems… Best regards to patient NCh users…

Hello everyone! We have worked our way through some crash logs from Google Play and have come to the conclusion that we do not get enough information about what went wrong - just that something went wrong.

In an effort to gather more data, we have made this custom version of the app that hopefully should give us a few more insights! Please give it a try and let us know if it still crashes!

< link removed >

Installed APK but doesn’t work "same problem.
White screen followed by message “charts has stopped”.


Thank you for the report! We received your crash log and believe that we have found a fix. Please try again with this one instead:

Download APK

Hi there,

Had the same problem, and happy to report that this version has fixed the crash for me :slight_smile: Thanks a bunch!

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Hi there, folks…
Two days ago both of my Charts apps ceased to work, i.e. not only the Android 8.0.0 version on my Samsung phone (8.23.1) which crashes all the time after showing an empty white screen but also the Desktop version on my Windows 10 notebook.
The latter appears to be no longer accessible, the link on the desktop is dead (no reaction and no error message) although the path to the .exe file is still correct.
Double clicking directly on the . exe file in the Users/…/Local/Programs/… folder produces the same result.
What is odd indeed is that ‘Charts’ has completely disappeared from the list of installed Apps under Settings/Apps - just like it were never installed…
I have downloaded the .apk file for the Android app but I’m at a loss at what to do with it to get it working as this is not the usual way I handle apps on my phone… can some kind soul explain that to me?
BTW Great software and worth every penny!
Many thanks in advance and Best Regards

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This morning I checked the latest APK and it is working now. However I will test it today if it’s stable and with proper responses.

Hermann concerning installing APK first download the file to your Android device via your PC and USB connection (the way I did it) or directly.Open the (download)map in your device and “tab” on the *.apk file it should install automatically. Before you do so remove the active Charts app if you didn’t do so already.

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I checked and worked with during a flight. This APK works very well.

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Happy to hear that this seems to work as expected! We will issue an update to the Play Store version as well ASAP. Thank you everyone for the feedback and testing!

Sorry to hear that! It sounds like some sort of cleaning program or aggressive antivirus, but we have not seen this one before. Try to reinstall the app and if that does not work - please create a separate topic!

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Hi all,
after installing the new .apk my android app is working OK again as well as the desktop version after a reinstall over what was left of the previous installation.
Thanks for your input and support

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I recently suscribed to Navigraph Charts and all was running well in my Huawei MediaPad M5 tablet until Wednesday 22. From Thursday 23 on, when I open Charts in my tablet, after opening correctly for a couple of seconds (I see my last fly and the world map) it crashes and a message of: “INOP Something didn’t work out as expected”. Thank for your help.

After uninstalling and reinstalling the app, now works well so, no action is required. Thanks.

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