Better Performance W/in game panel

Ok, here’s one for you …… Like everyone or maybe not everyone but a lot of users , I experienced degraded performance with SU 11. Before that things were awesome and I loved Navigraph… still do …. Anyway after the update I was discouraged that things ran so poorly . Well after uninstalling , fiddling testing , tweaking , scratching my head …. I put Navigraph back in . I still had crappy performance …. When ai started turning in game panels back on in the sim my numbers doubled again . I can’t explain it … the developer mode says 20-30 and this was verified using my GPU tracking utility , which I found to be accurate. I turn on panel and minimize it using my iPad . My frames are 50-70 plus and better than 50 while departing RJAA. My system spec is as follows

Ryzen 7 5800X3D
Asus Tuf gaming x570 Wi fi
64 gig 3200 ram
AMD Rx6800XT.
50 inch monitor with free sync 120 MHZ.

I’m not complaining but can anyone explain ?



I cant explain the performance gain. In-Game panel run Charts 7. We are finally testing an update which will bring most Charts 8 functionality to In-Game panel. A key part of this has been to ensure good performance, so it will useful to hear you comments when this update releases soon.

Please see In game panel update - #102 by maxholt