In-game panel in VR slows down the sim extremely

When I open the in-game panel in VR, the frame rate goes extremely down, apparently because the panel needs all the power for loading and displaying the map.
This is not the case outside of VR.
Does anyone have the same problem?

Yes have the exact same problem. Moreover it also messes up telemetry so my motion platform goes nuts while the in-game panel loads. (The sim sends all 0’s for all values over telemetry when it freezes multiple times in a short time periode due to the in-game panel grabbing alle the CPU cycles it looks like. :slight_smile: )

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I have solved the problem for me by using the tablet ‘All-in-One’ from the site ‘’. This multi-tablet also integrates Navigraph V8 and works very well in VR. It costs 20 €.
I think it’s a shame that Navigraph doesn’t solve this problem for their paying customers, even though the root problem may lie with Asobo.

Interesting. Does that get rid of the lagging/freezing when loading Navigraph charts? Is it “fluid” to use? Can you use it with only mouse (I don’t use VR controllers)?

Yes, yes aaand yes!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Really, no joke. Problem solved for me.

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Sweet! Gotta try this! :slight_smile:

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Please note that this is in no way endorsed by Navigraph and that you are putting yourself, your computer and your Navigraph credentials at risk by using this third-party tool.
I have investigated the code, and it includes everything needed to turn your computer into a server. It even asks you to make exceptions in your firewall when you run it.

The way that this tool works around the issue of lag in the simulator is by completely externalizing the panel process, meaning that it no longer runs within the simulator and thus will not share the same thread which ultimately leads to no stutter on load. While the solution works, and seemingly even rather well, we would never be comfortable with shipping an entire server infrastructure to our users like this - there are way too many warning signs all over the place.

Around the release of Charts 8 we actually discussed similar approaches, but ultimately decided against it at the time for several reasons. That is not to say that we won’t revisit it in the future and see if we can find a solution, but rest assured that if we do something like this, it will not require you to download a complete WAMP stack in order to function!

You are free to do as you want, but I personally would never trust a third party like this with my Navigraph credentials unless it is endorsed by Navigraph.

Kind Regards,

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Thanks for this information, I was on the edge about purchasing it but decided against it.

Unfortunately it seems that the sim is currently so far stretched that opening navigraph in VR makes the problems even worse.

Hopefully a work around can be found in the future that doesn’t involve potentially dodgy stuff!

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