FPS drop when using in-game panel

Apologies may have already posted on this a few weeks ago when I first instyalled the in game panel, I havnt been spending as much time with the Sim in the last few weeks so just wondered if there is any more developments on the subject. When trying to run the in game panel I get a big drop in FPS and as soon as I uninstall the panel it starts running smoothly again. ( dont have a high end system, but can run comfortably at about 30 FPS normally without the panel installed, with the panel its dropping to about 15 FPS)

Just wondering if there could be an explanation for it ?


We are not able to reproduce this ourselves, we don’t see any noticeable drop, but we are constantly working on optimizations so please stay tuned for one of the coming updates, hopefully they might improve it for you.



Hello Jonathan!

I just want to tell you that we have now investigated a few cases where this has happened to us. Here’s our current thoughts about the performance issues and also a few solutions:

The simulator (or at least this part of it) is single-threaded. This means that the every operation we have in the panel will be stacked on top of other tasks that the simulator requires, ultimately increasing the delay between frames. The more activity we have inside our panel the larger the performance hit, especially on low-spec systems.

Some of the main causes (and solutions) right now are:

  • Having your cursor placed on top of the panel
    • When not using the panel, make sure that you move the mouse cursor away from it.
  • Using moving maps
    • Minimize the panel when not in use or turn of the moving maps feature.

We have taken multiple actions in order to minimize the performance hit, but in the end there is not much we can do other than recommending you to run the normal Navigraph Charts application on the side, as this will not interrupt the simulator in the same way.

Kind Regards,