VRAM Spikes US Sectionals

In DX12 vram usage spikes from 85% to 95-99% when I zoom in on the sectionals in the charts app. Makes it unusable as fps tank. I can recreate it every time so it certainly has something to do with the app. Currently using the app on the Ipad to avoid the issue but not sure anybody else is having this so I just report it here.

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Please clarify: Are you seeing this in the desktop app? You have posted in the Desktop category, but we have something similar going on with the panel it seems - I just want to make sure that this is really affecting the desktop app too?

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You also mention DX12, so I assume you are talking about the in-game panel.
If I am incorrect, please let me know! In the meantime, I will refer you to this topic. Feel free to leave additional input!

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Hey thanks for the quick rersponse, yes affirmative I am talking about the desktop app and not the ingame charts as I do not use them.

I said DX12 just in case it is DX12 especific but I am using the desktop app :slight_smile:

I see, thank you for the clarification!

I am not able to reproduce this. Here is what task manager looks like on my computer after zooming & panning around the FAA sectionals for a couple of minutes:

I have more questions:

  • What hardware do you use?
  • What resolution is your monitor?
  • Why did you mention DX12, have you tried to enforce that on a system level for all apps?
  • Do you have an NVIDIA GPU, and if so - have you made any modifications in the NVIDIA Control Panel that could affect apps other than the simulator?

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Hey sorry for the late answer. I use 2 1080p monitors and 1 1440p monitor. The sim runs on one of the 1080P´s and all the other apps including Navigraph run on the 1440P monitor.
My PC is a Ryzen 5600 with 32 GB DDR4 3200, All SSD´s and The GPU is a Nvidia RTX 2070 Super.
No settings changed from default.
I mentioned the Beta of DX 12 as DX 12 uses more vram on it´s own and there I notice it getting full in conjunction with Navigraph.
It is still not fixed, I sometimes get huge Vram spikes when zooming in on Navigraph and the game starts stuttering badly, once I close the app it is smooth as silk so not sure what I happening.

Can you reproduce the spikes when the simulator is not running?