Problem with in in-game panel- and a big one

What I expected to happen.

I expected to work as it always has. I am on the MSFS beta

What actually happened.

The last time I used it successfully, I detached it from the main screen and put it on a secondary monitor. After the flight, I just left it there, exited the aircraft, and ended the sim as usual.

My next effort was met by an immediate CTW, accompanied by the “your GPU may be overclocked” warning. It’s not, and never has been, beyond what they did when they made it.

So, I removed ONLY the toolbar, and tried it again. Everything (sans the now missing toolbar panel) worked fine. So, I reinstalled it. Sim wouldn’t start. Uninstalled the entire Navdata app, tried the sim, everything worked (only I had not yet installed all the products associated with it, including the in-game panel). Once I reinstalled all of that, it went back to completely refusing to start.

Now, I’ve posted about this over on their forum, as I expect them to blame you, and you to blame them. Having spent decades in the IT business, we referred to that as the “Vendor Coat of Arms”, and it was visually depicted by two arms crossed and pointing in opposite directions.

I’m happy to try any suggestions anyone might have at this point, but unless I come up with a solution, I’m gonna just use the external charts app for now. Which is fine… For now. Because my VR HMD broke. But when I get around to replacing it, that won’t be a viable option for me.

Hello Kevin! Thank you for the feedback.

We have no other reports of this at the moment, with thousands of downloads. I am not seeking to blame anyone, but I would like to know what changed and/or what is different with your particular system.

When was the last time it worked for you? Did MSFS just get an update? We’re not doing anything out of the ordinary, and we have not made any updates that should be able to cause this. In fact, the environment that the simulator panels are running in is very limited/restricted by design so I am not sure how we could cause this even if we wanted.

That said, your troubleshooting seems to indicate that it is in fact our panel that is causing this…

What do your system specifications look like? Is it related to this topic perhaps?

Kind Regards,

This is not something that we are not manipulating, nor do we have any control over it. We have had reports of issues with detaching the panel from the simulator, but we’re missing some feedback and it’s still unclear whether or not the OP was using the built-in way of detaching the window (see thread).

That said, however, you should never run the panel in detached mode. It has been proven to be a real performance hog in the past for no reason, and while it has become better since late summer - you will always sacrifice simulator performance when running the panel (at least when interacting with it) - there is no way around it. Instead, you should use the desktop or web app.

I realize that if you’re running VR, this is not possible (or at least not as convenient). If we can make any changes in order to fix this we absolutely will, but there is no documentation on how to make these panels provided by Asobo so currently we just try our best to do what the other (built-in) panels do. This makes it hard to know if and how we can do something about this particular issue…

I am also having issues with CTD with in game panel. When you click on the in panel bar it crashes. Standalone program ruins fine.

Since I posted this, I have discovered that any attempt to detach anything while using DX12 causes the same problem. The only difference I was able to note was that I was able to close the offending MSFS native pop-out window (in this case it was the ATC window), and with your module, I could not.

I would tell them that, but there’s a mod over there that has a problem with me and looks for even the tiniest excuse to suspend me. He did so, for what must have been the 20th time, and I finally told him and the rest of their team what I really thought, so I’m in a timeout.

Maybe someone else who reads thin can inform them that their sim has a problem.

It does not appear to be a Navigraph issue, though it may be something that is at least useful for you guys to be aware of. I also have not experienced (or at least did not notice) any significant performance problems when detaching panels, yours or otherwise. That said, I don’t do it that often, and my system is still on the far right side of the bell curve as it relates to the population of peecees out in the wild. That may have helped.

So, I’m back to using DX11, and I can’t really tell if there is a difference or not, either visually or with regards to performance, so I’m viewing that as NBD. For me, others may disagree. Microsobo needs to get their crap together on their DX12 implementation.

And their forum needs to address their moderation problems, as I’m not the only one who has had similar issues. In fact, I used the word that got me a 30-day rip in this very post. I’ll let anyone who reads this try to guess which one, if you care about it enough to.

I have continuous CTD when using plugin in VR, if I uninstall it, no crashes. Strange, since last update for VFR.

hi all, I also have a CTD issue in VR when navigraph ingame panel is installed. If I remove it from the navdata app I have no crashes. When I add it back, the sim crashes to desktop at what seem to be random times. it is not related to me using the in game panel in the moments preceding the crash. I love the navigraph apps and I would really love to be able to use it in VR. removing the headset to look at the desktop really breaks the immersion. thanks

Thank you everyone for the feedback!

Thanks a lot for the update, it is much appreciated!

We cannot reproduce these issues and thus we need more information. What’s your setup like? GPU, OS? Which settings are used? Are you both on DX11?

So far, this issue does not seem to be within our control - but we’re of course keeping it on our radar!

This makes me even more prone to believe that we can’t do anything about this issue, unfortunately.
We would obviously rather have a panel that works for everyone, but this issue is impossible for us to reproduce and since there are no useful crash reports to get ahold of, it’s pretty hard to even begin to look for the culprit - I’m sorry about this!

Kind Regards,

Thank you Malte for getting back to us.
here’s more info on my setup

  • Direct X 11
  • HP Reverb G2 VR headset
  • Nvidia 4090 founders edition
  • Memory 64GB
  • Windows 10 home, Version 10.0.19045 Build 19045
  • Processor: 11th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i9-11900 @ 2.50GHz, 2496 Mhz, 8 Core(s), 16 Logical Processor(s)
  • Motherboard: Asus rog hero maximum XIII

I only have 2 mods in MSFS (FSkneeboard ingame panel and a mod for diamond da40NG).

I have followed all the steps in this MS article to diagnose CTD and couldn’t find anything that worked, except uninstalling navigraph: Advanced Troubleshooting: How to troubleshoot crashing/CTDs issues – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support (

I will keep testing by deactivating the other mods and see if it keeps crashing with navigraph in game panel installed. right now it’s pretty consistent though. if I have navigraph in game panel installed, after 20 minutes or so the sim will crash. without navigraph panel, it has never crashed so far. I’ll keep doing tests and see if anything changes.

Thanks for the detailed specs & description of the situation! Much appreciated.

We have had a few issues with that exact headset in particular with regard to textures, but it’s been a while since the last report… Unfortunately, it is again not something that we have any control or influence over, it seems that the sim just isn’t perfectly optimized for that headset.

However, the lack of such reports as of late, and the fact that this issue only occurs when the panel is installed is still suspicious - even to us. If we’d be able to diagnose this - or even reproduce it ourselves with our HTC Vive Pro, we’d be happy to fix it to the best of our abilities!

Apologies for the inconvenience. Looking forward to hearing further conclusions from your investigations!

Kind Regards,