Zoom to Dep/Arr airport on map

It would be awesome to have a button which zooms to the arr or dep airport. I mean the zoomlevel where we can see the taxiways. Right now when i want to change from, lets say, a very zoomed out overview all the way down to taxiway level I have to scroll in a lot to get there. Would be nice to have two buttons beside the “Show whole route” button for the arr and dep airport.

Thank you for this wonderful tool!

Hello! Thanks for your suggestion.

I have moved your post to the wishlist section, where users can now show their interest in this feature by voting for it. You are free to vote for it yourself, and raise awareness for it in any way you like!

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zoomoptions to airport diagram works only if a flightplan is loaded, what not do always


What do you mean? Currently there is no such function I think. Also with a flightplan I only have “show whole route” But nothing to zoom in fast onto dep or arr airport.

I just found out that it already does what I suggested as a feature ^^ When you click the “i” besides the airport it zooms right into it…

Disregard my feature wish as it is already implemented :smile:

if you load a flightplan you need to click long (i think) on the airport icao, then a little menu comes up.
But thats not what i requested initially.

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