Preset Zoom Buttons

Hello, one question…can we have maybe some zoom Buttons with predefined Zoom Values? In the right upper corner we have the Zoom Buttons ( +/- ): [image] Maybe there would be a good place for 2 or 3 additional buttons, maybe with configurable zoom levels by the user … 100% 50% 20% maybe soething like that. Thanks Matthias

Hi! Thanks for opening this topic. I moved it to the correct category (the wishlist) for you, so that other users can now vote for your feature request! This will help us know what the real interest in this feature looks like.

Feel free to vote for it yourself using the “Vote” button at the top!

It is also worth linking to the original thread with alternative solutions and similar suggestions:

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after i am a while away, are there any News about the Zoom Button?
Is it really so hard to implement this?
Also i noticed the suggestion about to tap on the Airport, but i do not load always a Flightplan.

Would be great to have it.


Hello! Welcome back!

This request currently has 1 vote. We are currently working on the top feature requests, all having more than 40 votes each. Feel free to share your topic around to spread awareness!

While satisfying your needs in this case does not sound too complicated, this is a feature that nobody else has asked for yet, and thus we need to prioritize. Thanks for understanding!

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i understand the Problem with the missing Votes. Maybe other are flying more with Flightplans or did not use a Tablet PC in a Homecockpit.
But really…is it soo hard to create this Button ?
I made a lot of proposels where the little Button can be placed in other Posts ( with more responds )
But you move my Topic again and so it is maybe not seen by so much others.


Hi Matthias,

We really appreciate your suggestions regarding Zoom buttons. Malte has linked your previous thread to your Wishlist item, so users can see both and vote here as they wish.

A while back, we had more requests for features and enhancements than we had staff to develop them. I guess this will always be so. So we introduced the Wishlist voting to get some measure on how many people wanted the features. As Malte said we are implementing some suggestions with high numbers of votes. Once implemented users votes are returned to them, so they can vote for other items.

You ask “is it soo hard to create this Button ?” With finite resources, it is difficult to pull developers off high vote items for a suggestion with few votes.

That said, sometimes in these developments it may be easy to add small vote items, if development is in the area of these small vote items. If you look at the release notes for recent products you will see many items included, which may not have had high votes.

So your suggestion is noted, and will be considered going forward.

Thank you for your understanding.