Auto Zoom Options for Flight Plans

With a flight plan loaded it would be great to have an option to toggle on/off an auto zoom feature for the moving world map - similar to the track up / north up toggle button. The details of the feature I am proposing would be powered based on the telemetry data of the sim.

Ideal feature options/details include:

  • When on the ground, the map would be zoomed in to an optimized taxi range (preferably configurable).
  • When taking off, the map would be zoomed to a range so the next waypoint is visible.
  • As a waypoint is reached, the zoom would be adjusted in/out to the next way point.
  • It may be nice to have configurable options for min/max zoom values, as well as a taxi zoom level.
  • There might also be a user case for having the waypoint auto zoom scaling off as a configuration option, but the taxi zoom level on (user just wants a set scale at moving map, but wants more detail for the taxing on the ground).

Thanks for the consideration of this proposed feature.

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