Zoom Buttons

one question…can we have maybe some zoom Buttons with predefined Zoom Values?
In the right upper corner we have the Zoom Buttons ( +/- ):


Maybe there would be a good place for 2 or 3 additional buttons, maybe with configurable zoom levels by the user … 100% 50% 20% maybe soething like that.


Hi Matthias,

Thank you for the suggestion which will be considered by the development team when they return from vacation.

Note you can zoom in and out with mouse roller wheel. Also the restore button, returns your map and zoom to show full flight plan:

Compliments of the Season.


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yes i know this Button, but my suggestion was more about Zooming in.
Also please know that i am using a Tablet in my Homecockpit, so i have no middle Mouse Scrollrad :slight_smile:
The 2-Finger Zooming is sometimes a bit difficult if you want to zoom in fast to see the Taxiaways and then again zoom out to see where you are :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot and a happy new Year @All

Hi again,
after some more tests on the Tablet, have you tried to use the 2 Finger Zoom to zoom in from the Overview zoom ( restore button ) down to the Airport until you see the Taxiways ?
Since a Tablet has no mouse roller wheel :slight_smile: you have to use the 2 Finger Zoom, which is not comfortable.