Button for Full Zoom

Perhaps consider adding another button near the existing ones for zoom in/ out (or above the zoom to full flight plan) that, when pressed, centres on the plane and zooms right in. This way when landing and exiting the runway, the pilot can utilize the detail that is on the base map.

Your existing feature to add the airport chart is of course excellent, but the base map usually offers additional detail like Tower, Terminals, clearer taxiways, and gate numbers.

It is too many clicks to zoom right in whilst keeping the plane in view, especially when managing post-land processes.

Hi! Thanks for posting.

Would this existing request cover your requirements?

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Yes, that sounds very good.


Great! Please vote for that topic instead, and I’ll lock this one to keep things tidy!

After all, it’s better if we collect the votes in one place - or else they will be distributed in much smaller numbers!

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