Suggestion: Zoom in after touch down

HI, I would like to have a small feature when approaching an airport.
It would be nice if ther would be an option that the charts zoom in so I can see the ground charts when the aircraft vacate the runway (maybe less then 60 ktn) or a trigger via simconnect).


I agree, this would be very useful

@Ian Are you able to merge this request with the other two that are almost the same asking for this feature? Specifically Automatically load the airport chart after landing - #3 by bassplane and Auto zoom to airport diagram - #4 by littlesack. Together these three requests have 51 votes, which I think puts it in the top 10.

It would be great if we could have an auto-zoom function from and to the airport diagram for taxi guidance. It’s quite cumbersome after landing for example to have to find the destination aerodrome and then pinch to zoom and centre the map appropriately. Maybe if charts could detect when the aircraft has achieved taxi speed and then automatically switch to this view? The same would be good after takeoff - an automatic switch over from the detailed airport diagram to the flight plan route?


Really surprised how little attention this is getting. Having to zoom in on myself from outer space at the beginning of every flight is getting old fast. It’s as if the auto zoom option doesn’t do anything at all.

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Well it has 5 votes so far. Hope you have voted for it. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can see the Wishlist Voting at Wishlist - Navigraph

You can get the loaded plan to fill the screen by clicking on the icon marked in red below:



Ok, I’ll use that, thank you

Hi…, (what is your name)

Thank you for the suggestion.

I have moved one suggested thread to this thread.

Rest assured, in development we review all suggestions with significant votes and combine where features overlap.