Ybhm rnv-p 14

Hello Navigraph et al,

With reference to the thread linked below, I see the RNV P 14 for YBHM is not included in the current cycle. I was wondering if you know if it will be included in the next one? I was under the impression it was going to be in this cycle.

Many thanks for youir hard work :slight_smile:


G’day Rudy, as far as I know the update is slated for the next AIRAC.

Fingers crossed!

Regards, Martin YBLT

I can confirm that. All additional changes from Martin are implemented now and you can expect a few complete new and/or update procedures in the Australian and New Zealand area.

Thanks @stewamar … I will call you later for our newsletter in the next cycle.


Thanks gentlemen for the information!

And thanks again to Martin for his hard work. Look forward to using them.


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