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I have noticed that the chart for the RNP Y approach at NZQN is not provided via Navigraph Charts - this is fine as I appreciate the lateral part of the approach is identical to RNP Z - however I recently noticed the RNP Y approach is actually selectable through the sim via the navdata.

I did this approach last night and noticed a number of the altitude constraints, whilst sensible, are not exactly matching the proper procedure vs the chart for this approach on the AIP New Zealand website.

I’ve seen from reading through other threads on this topic these approaches are manually created in the FMS data and thus wondered if this data can be updated to reflect the constraints as per the [above] charts?

As a side note - I also wondered if the RNP Y chart will be made available through Navigraph Charts at any point in the future?

Really enjoying the continued improvements you’re making in MSFS.


Hi Rob,
first of all thank you very much for your kind words. We do our best and we are not at the end :wink:

Thanks too for the report. Yes, there are tailored (handmade) records for NZQN included - RNP-Y is one of it and we know that we must review it. These tailored records are handmade by Martin (one of our great customer). I will ask him, if it´s possible to check the NZQN records and to update these records.

The question about the “missing” chart - the issue here is, that these approaches are airlines-specific and such charts will not be released in a public batch. There are a view of Australian and New Zealand charts which have this specific flag and therefore not included. I´m not sure, if we can add it in the future but we will see, this is more or less a long term project (when we may it).

I will call you back, when I have spoken with Martin according the NZQN records.


G’day Richard, yes I will review and set the parameters as per the NZ AIP charts then get the ARINC data to you.

Regards from a cold AU! Martin

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Wonderful Martin, thank you very, very much and thanks for your effort. I will write a short mail to you in the next couple of days.

Great feedback thanks.

Greetings from the other side of the world, with the first real summer feeling (approx 30-33 degrees C) in this year


Thank you for the detailed response, Richard! I thought that might be a case RE the charts. Maybe one day in the future! Though in the meantime the navdata matched with the AIP charts works just as well.

Enjoy the weather! It’s getting really hot over in the UK too!

@stewamar Thank you! Look forward to the updated data.

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