YBHM RNV-P 14 - in PMDG SID/STAR but not FSLabs

Hello Navigraph:

The full suite of RNP approaches are in the FMS data for the PMDG NGxu, including the RNP-P 14 for YBHM.

But for FSLabs, this approach is missing.

Is there a chance to have this approach included please - I was wondering why it is there for one aircraft and not the other?

Kind regards,

Gday Rudi, I have just completed the rnp tailored data update for YBHM and will send this in to hopefully update these dated procedures and hence show on all aircraft.
Regards Martin

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Hi there Martin,

That sounds like good news.

Does this mean that the approach will show up in the FSLabs at next cycle?

Are you the fellow who has created some of the RNP-AR approaches for YBHM?

Kind regards,

G’day Rudy, yes I have created quite a few sets of tailored data that Navigraph have been kindly reviewed and accepted for inclusion in each AIRAC update, mainly Australian and NZ procedures and VHHX.

I cannot predict if the FSLabs data will show but if the data is true and correct there is a high probability it will work. Doesn’t sound very scientific but that’s the best I can do!

Regards, Martin

Thanks Martin for your hard work.

Is it you I should thank for the RNV-W 30 at YMHB? I must have flown that approach a million times in the A320.


Hi team,
hi Martin,
I´m currently review Martin´s updated files and of course, all dataset which we create with our own parser will be included the updates from Martin - specially the FSLabs dataset.

@stewamar I will call you in the next days. Mails received - was on holiday :wink:


Good to hear Richard!

Hopefully it will show up in the database this time - I am assuming you guys have some idea why it does not show up on the FSL bus?

HI Rudy, there was an error in one line in the past and that prevented the FSL bus reading the file. That’s always a possibility with tailored data that is manually made from first principles only working from charts off the internet. I hope that no errors are in these updates!! I do my very best to avoid these.
Regards, Martin

Thanks very much for all your hard work that allows us to fly these approaches and mimic real-world ops, Martin. People like you really make the community a great place.


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