Ybhm rnav-p (rnp) rwy 14 FSL A320 2106R2

Hi guys, YBHM has a few RNP-AR approaches available IRL, but are missing from the FSL 320. Specifically the RNAV-P 14.
It is in the PMDG 737, but not in the charts for some reason.
I am running W10/P5D.
Thanks for your help.
Here are the links to the AIP charts.

G’day Stirling, these procedures are in the database as tailored data. In the P3D family of products, tailored data is allowed but if you are using the MSFS, then this may not be the case.
Regards, Martin YBLT

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Hey Martin,
I’m on P3D V5, and notice the waypoints are in there for the approach, but not the actual approach.

Hi @stirling
as Martin wrote, the R14-P approach into YBHM is a tailored record, which was made by Martin - we have added this. I have now checked the FSLabs database and this approach is included, but as tailored and not standard - possible that´s the reason why FSLabs doesn´t show this approach.

But again, the R14-P, R14-U and the R32-U which are designed by Martin, are included in the FSLab database - so please ask FSLabs, why you can´t select these approaches.

We add all tailored data from Martin into nearly all addons - therefore it should not be selectable in PMDG only, you should select it in FSLabs too.

Hope that helps,

Hi Richard, thank you so much for the explanation. I will get onto FSLabs and see how we go!
Have a good day.