Missing RNP-AR Approaches - YBHM and YMAV

Hello all,

I have just had a look in my FSLabs A320 MCDU for 2 certain approaches, these 2 approaches being the RNAV-P RWY14 at YBHM and the RNP-U RWY36 at YMAV. Both approaches do not show up as an option in the FSLabs A320. As these 2 approaches are commonly used during normal operations these are noticeable missing pieces.

Attached below are the approach charts for both instrument approach procedures and the Designated Airspace Handbook published by Airservices, this document contains the latitude/longitudes of all waypoints in the aforementioned instrument approach procedures.


in most cases, such approaches are limited to the airlines,operator and or the crew qualification. When you look on your uploaded charts from the AIP Australia, you see:


Therefore such approaches (data + charts) are not included in the standard record-set.


Hello Richard,

That text is included on every single RNP-AR chart in the Australian AIP. Of which, majority of those approaches are included in the Navigraph data.

The 2 approaches above are not new, and from a users point of view just seem like they’ve been missed out along the way.

It is also worth mentioning the RNAV-P for RWY14 at YBHM is present in the PMDG dataset.


I have now looked into the FSLabs database for YBHM and the tailored R14-P is included - so it seems more a FSLabs issue:

Possible that is the reason, why such approaches are not in the standard-source - is printed on the YBHM 14-P and YMAV 36-U charts


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