Is there issues with A310?

Hi I’ve noticed missing STARS with VHHH and now RKSI when you select certain runways. Is there issues with the Navdata for this aircraft? I’ve uninstalled the Navdata for MSFS and it seems to have fixed the issue.

no this is a sim “feature” and doesn´t work with all aircrafts which use the FSX in-game bgl navdata.

When a terminal procedure, which we offer, can´t assigned to a runway the sim disable the terminal procedures for the airport (in most cases the STARs only because STARs are more often combined with a specific runway but it can be happen with missing SIDs also).

This happens because many, many MSFS stock airports are outdated (wrong runway idents to the real-world) and we offer real-world data.

Here your VHHH example in MSFS:

… and in the real-world:

The same for RKSI in MSFS:

… and again in real-world:

Why is it working with the stock navdata data?
It looks, that the stock navdata are not really up-to-date because it looks, that ASOBO/MS changes the runway-idents to be in sync with the outdated MSFS airport runway idents.

Sorry, that´s nothing what is in our hand and again that happens in the WorldMap and in all in-game aircrafts which are using the FSX in-game navdata from the MSFS. That´s the main reason, why the addon-developer should (and do) use any external database to be independent of the MSFS logic, of the MSFS sceneries, … because nobody knows what the next SU/WU brings :wink:

When you´re using a 3rd party scenery, where all runways are correct according the real-world, you can immediately select all terminal procedures, because they are still included. Here an example with the 3rd party VHHH scenery:

Example SID page from the A310:

Eample STAR page from the A310:

As you see, this is not a navdata issue - use ie a 3rd party scenery, where all runways are implemented and correct, you will immediately see the terminal procedures, also in the A310.

Hope that helps,

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I’ll reinstall the navdata and I’ll just manually type in the fixes for the STAR as the MSFS data doesn’t have the other runways for RKSI and I’m sure other airports as well. Thanks for the explanation.

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