Missing STARS/Approaches

KTUS is missing STARS and approaches when I use Navigraph hub to update the sim with the Navigraph database. Somethings not working correctly with the KTUS runway changes and the sim.

no navdata issue, it´s a stock scenery MSFS issue … all runways are completely outdated:

Here from the MSFS:

… and here the reality:

The MSFS suppresses all terminal procedures, when they can´t assigned to a runway as in this case. We offer real-world data with real-world terminal procedures, but they don´t match with the pseudo runway-idents here as you see.

We may not correct the runway-idents in the stock scenery. So, please report this to MS/ASOBO that the runways are completely outdated to the real-world. Optional, you find a 3rd party scenery with the real, real-world runways (04/22 and 12/30) - then you will immediately see all terminal procedures, without any update from our side.

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