Why do I not have a star after using navigraph navdata, but the default can be used after deletion

This is the picture after use

Compare the airport diagrams please. I assume that the stock scenery in MSFS is outdated and don’t offer the correct runways.

In real world you have 02L/R and 20L/R … when the runways are differ in the MSFS (which shouldn’ be the case but on many airports in the sim it is the case), the logic in sim suppress the terminal procedures (specially the STAR) when a terminal procedure can’t be assigened to a runway.

In other world:
We offer real world data which are up2date for all 4 runways. When the sim offer only two, you can’t select the runways due this sim limitation.

And I’m pretty sure, that is the case here. When you found a 3rd party scenery for ZUUU which includes all runways you will see all procedures immediately, because they are included.


How to solve the problem that there is no star after using navigraph navdata center

Only to use a 3rd party scenery which contains all runways with the correct runway-idents. Sorry, but this is a sim limitation and we can´t do anything for that.


So, all of my airports don’t have arrival procedures, but just runway to?

Please look on this FAQ, this should solve your problem, when you have a general issue with the missing terminal procedures:


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