XP12 Default C172SP G1000 Navdata out of data

I just wanted to report the error from the C172SP G1000 Alert messages reporting Navadata out of data. I understand you may be working to get Navigraph data supported for XP12, just wanted to make sure you guys are aware.


First check FAQ - Nav Data Out Of Date

Navigraph AIRAC data for X-Plane 12 works fine:

Check you have correct X-Plane 12 path in FMS Data Manager Settings page.

If still an issue in Addon Mappings page, select X-Plane 12 and Remove. Then press Scan.
In Addon List, select and Update X-Plane 12.

If still a problem check your …X-Plane 12\Custom Data\cycle_info.txt shows AIRAC 2209.


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the installation path is wrong … You see this very clear on your screenshots. The data should be in
<XP12-root>\Custom Data … but you have the Custom Data twice.

Should be:

Please remove you manual XP12 mapping, save it and press the scan button again and save it again. After that make the update and all is good.


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