Looking for direction

Have long Subscribed Navigraph. It worked so well I forget it was there, kind of. Anyway…

Changed from an MSI lap top to an Acer Nitro 17 and it looks like I have an install issue and do not know where to go.

I did download and thought I had them installed properly -

When opening my Phenom 300 I see a Notice showing that my Nav Data is out of date .

I have gone into Find Mappings and the XPlane12 does not get scanned.

I think the best thing for me to do is to Delete the entire set of programs and try a fresh install,.

I appreciate any input. I use this program alll of the time.

Thank you,


Hi Scott,


First check FAQ - Nav Data Out Of Date, particularly para 3.

If no joy,

In FMS Data Manager Settings, Make sure your have the latest Version

If not, please uninstall, download FMS Data Manager and run.

In FMS Data Manager Settings, Check you have the correct X-Plane 12 path.
In Addon Mappings , select and Remove X-Plane 12 and X-Plane 12 addons. Press Scan. If X-Plane 12 and X-Plane 12 addons are not detected, use +Add to add them manually.

In Addon List select and Update X-Plane 12 and X-Plane 12 addons.

Please let us know how you get on.


Thanks Ian -

I have not been able to Select xplane12 Adon Mappings to select to upgrade. see pic.


Once you have correct X-Plane path in Settings, in Addon Mappings press Scan to detect X-Plane 12 and X-Plane 12 addons. Does this work for you?

If not, press +Add to manually add X-Plane 12 and X-Plane 12 addons (if you have any).


All of the Mappings were manually found and updated with the latest Rev. However, When opening the aircraft and opening Notices on the Pilot screen shows Navdata is not current.

I do not know the exact path that each is supposed to follow.

Please post a sceenshot of your X-Plane 12 \Custom data folder:


Hmm, No data.

Please post screenshot of your Path in FMS Data Manager Settings:

When you click on the black folder, make sure you are mapping to where your X-Plane.exe is located.


I think…


Thanks so much for looking into my problem. However, I have to close this session out.


If you scroll down the page you have shown, you will see the path I refer to.


I have deleted the programs and reinstalled and my Phenom still shows “Navdata out of Date”.

… but you know, that this screenshot shows not the path what Ian has refered? You show the backup path, which ia completly useless, Ian refered to the X-Plane 12 path, as his screenshot shows.

Here are complete screenshot, what Ian wants to know:

Also, please make simple a screenshot instead of a photo. Details how you do this do you find here:

Thank you

I am not sure about what I am doing - - self evident HUH?

… as you see your XP12 path is empty. Press the button right of the XP12 path line and select your XP12 root folder. Save your settings, close the FMS Data Manager.

Re-open it and check if the path, what you have selected before, is still there.


I have selected the xp12 folder for the Path. Saved, Restarted the computer, the Path with xp12 is still there but the Phenom 300 still shows: Navdata Out of Date.

I have not had a response to my last post.

Hi Scott,

Once you have correct X-Plane path in Settings, in Addon Mappings press Scan to detect X-Plane 12 and X-Plane 12 addons. Do you see entry Carenado (all compatible products)?

If yes, In Addon List , choose Carenado (all compatible products) and press Update


Hi Ian -

Glad you made it back. I think the above screen shots are what you requested to see. My Phenom 300 still shows Navdata out of date.