XP11 ILS / LOC data missing/can received

Latest database is Missing ILS/Localiser data for many runways. Why, and how can it be fixed.Preformatted text
I.e.: KLAS RWY 26R and 26L

please use this template to report an issue:

Thank you!


Thank you Richard,

This might help:

  • Win 10
  • X-Plane 11
  • FF B757-200 and 300 as well as FF B767-300
  • AIRAC 2311 rev 1
  • problem encountered: No ILS/LOC frequency available in KLAS RWY 26L and 26R. However, it was available for RWY 01L


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My FF B757-200 is on button RWY 24R in KLAS.
ILS Freq is entered and no GS/LOC bars appear.
Same thing happend in flight.

Pierre, thank you!

Please can you verify, if you really have installed the cycle 2311? Can you post a screenshot of your ident page from your FMC in the FF please?

Thank you

Hi again Pierre,
thank you, looks correct so far …

I have tried to reproduce it but unfortunately I can´t …

Here KLAS ILS 26L 111.50 with AIRAC 2311 and the XP11 FF757:

… and here 26R (the loc is offset because I´m standing on 26L):

You see, both ILSes are visible and can be selected without any issue. Could it be, that you have set the “Disable downwind ILSes” in the MAP? Please check this, I´m pretty sure, that you have set this option.

Simple open the Map with the key m … or via the menue Flight → Show Map:

The option (red-line) must be un-checked!


Good morning Richard. It WORKS !!
Thank you for the solution, I would never have found it by myself.
I was just about to reformat my drive and reinstall everything.
Un-checking the “Disable downwind ILSes” is a much easier fix.

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