ILS and course data missing in the FMC Approach Page

Good day, to all.
Today I experiencing, not for the first time, that in some airports (LDDU, LSGG, LIEO, and others) in the FMC Approach page are not present data related to ILS freq and Course.
Is there a reason? If it is a mistake, how can we report the missing data?
Thanks for your kind reply

Hi Roberto,


So that we can reproduce the issue, please specify:

Op System: (e.g. Win 10, MacOS)
FS Version: (e.g. FS9, FSX, P3D V5, X-Plane 11, MSFS)
Add-on: (e.g. FF A320, PMDG 737-600, etc)
AIRAC Update No: (e.g. 2208)
Problem Details: (so that the problem can be replicated, e.g. missing xxxx SID at airport yyyy, as per AIP chart at
Any non-standard hardware or software: (List add on gauges, add on scenery, etc)


Thanks for your quick reply. Sorry if I was not detailed.
Op System: Win 10
FS Version: X-Plane 11
Add-on: Zibo 738, Toliss A319/321/346 (that use the “default” XP database)
AIRAC Update No: 2208
Problem Details: Flying to LDDU and cleared for ILS RWY11, once all data have been inserted, the ILS Frequency and CRS fields in the Approach Page of the FMC are blank. It happened also for LIEO RWY05, LSGG (not recalling which RWY).
I hope I was more detailed now.

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I apologise your post was overlooked. Please post a screenshot of the page where the information is missing so we can replicate.

For LSGG RWY 22 in Zibo 737-800X I show:


Dear Staff, good afternoon. After some long time here I am with the screenshots of the FMC for some airports that I reported ILS data missing. I don’t know why but that’s how it looks like for:
Approaching these airports all works fine (ILS tuned and followed) but it doesn’t show the ILS data (Freq & Course).
Thanks in advance for your support


We are not clear from where Zibo extracts that data , and why it should be different between say KADS and LSGG which have the same constructs in our data. Sorry but you are best to ask Zibo.