KPWK ILS16 Missing in xPlane11.55r2

After updating my Navdata, I noticed ILS16 @KPWK missing. In my C172 G1000, I can tune into 109.75 (ILS Frequency) and it identifies correctly as IPWK but the Localizer and GS do not work nor can I select the ILS16 approach at KPWK from the G1000 or G430 units.

Please help!

Hi Jon,
sorry, I can´t reproduce it … I have made a test-flight into KPWK on the ILS16 and as you see, I receive the localizer and also the glideslope as expected.

Are you sure, that you have installed the AIRAC files correctly?

The files should be in <xp-root>\Custom Data … in this path there is a file called cycle_info.txt. It´s a simple text-file and contains the installed cycle. Can you check this please?


Hello Richard,

Thank you for looking into this and for your quick reply. Appreciate it. I confirmed I have the latest AIRAC file (2112).
I went and deleted everything in my /Custom Data folder and reinstalled the navdata and the G430 data and it seems to be working fine now. I get the loc and glideslope for 109.75.

Again, Thank you for all your help.

Merry Christmas!!


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