XP Carenado C172 SP data update


Recently installed Carenado C172 SP on X-plane. But navdata are out of date . I made a scan with FMS data manager, but it doesn’t find this plane. I tried to make a manual instal, but only P3D or FSX are available in FMS data manager.
How can I update Carenado C172 for X-plane with FMS data manager ?


Welcome and Happy New Year.

In latest FMS Data Manager Settings tab, check you have correct X-Plane 11 path.

In Addon Mappings tab, Scan should detect Carenado (all compatible products). If not use +Add.

Please let me know how you get on.


Hello Ian,

Great. Issue solved by adding X-plane 11.41 in addition of X-plane 11.5 in FMS data manager.
Carenado C172 and X-aviation TBM900 seems to works with 11.41 format.


Hello I installed the new update and it took away everything I did it manually now how do I get that to update the data in manuel mode as opposed to automatic