FMS Data Manager not working for X-Plane 12

I Have in my computer X-Plane 11 and X -Plane 12 installed.

The FMS Data Manager only recognizes the X-Plane 11.

So I cannot update the X-Plane 12 using it as X-Plane 12 is not listed.

Only X-Plane 11 is updated.

Any Help to overcome this.

can you confirm that you have the latest version installed? To be sure, download and install the latest version from our homepage please …

Thank you


Thank you very much

I have made a completely fresh installation.

Did not work

Is not identifying the X-Plane 12.

Only lists the X-Plane 11

My X-Plane 12 is inspalled in C
My X-Plane 11 is installed in the descktop

please can you post a sceenshot of your settings page from the FMS Data Manager, that we can see the XP12 path. It’s the line below the XP11 path.

Also, can you confirm, that this path (from the setting page) is your XP12 root path feom your system?

Thank you,

Hi Richard

I was able to find based on your comment where was my mistake

X-Plane 12 is now listed for automatic update

Thank you very much for your assistance

Have a nice Sunday

No probs - thanks for the feedback …

Have a nice evening too and also enjoy your sunday!


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