"X-Plane 12 Plugin Not Updated"

Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere; I did look around.

My Simlink Plugin Settings says the X-Plane 12 plugin isn’t updated:


…and if there’s a way for me to update it, I’m not bright enough to figure it out. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.



It seems like the issue you are facing is due to incorrect configuration files of X-Plane 12. To resolve this, please follow the below steps:

  1. Close both Simlink and X-Plane 12 application.

  2. Go to %APPDATA%/Local folder path and delete the x-plane_install_12.txt file. You can refer to the below image for the location of the file:

  3. Start X-Plane 12 and then close it. This will create the correct x-plane_install_12.txt file.

  4. Now follow the steps mentioned in this link.

  5. You’re done! :slight_smile:

Please do not hesitate to inform us if the issue persists.

Best regards,

Vishal Ahir

Thank you! Your steps 1-3 resolved the problem in Simlink Plugin Settings, and when I go into XP12 the Simlink plugin shows as “enabled,” so do I need to do step 4?


Yes, please follow step #4 also.
In step #4 you need to delete the .mapping file.

Kind Regards,

Vishal Ahir

Thank you so much for your assistance! Everything is working fine now.

I also have this problem since the last update recently. The XP11 simlink works fine but I have the same message as PeterMooney above.
I have tried the various steps to no avail.
Please advise, thank you!

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