X-Plane 11 cannot restore navdata says ready to update and restore is blank

I cannot restore the X-Plane 11 navdata because the restore and backup options are blocked and “not possible”. Is there any way to get my navdata backup?

do you have set the backup-option before you made an update? Please can you post a screenshot, when you click on the clock on the right side of the line, like mine:


When I click on the clock, nothing pops up at all.


If nothing pops up then likely there are no saved backups.

For future in Settings, select Always backup before update.

Best to take a Monthly Ultimate subscription, download latest AIRAC 2106, and cancel subscription before next month kicks in.

Once you update check you can see it in clock/stopwatch.


I checked the backup folder and saw 4 .bak files including a backup.index. Looks like FMS data manager cannot read them. I will not be able to buy another subscription. Any way I can just extract the .bak files?

Please upload (here, and when its a size-limit somewhere else and provide us the link) your latest bak file and the index file, that we can check the file, if its really not readable.

Thank you

Here is a google drive link. Navigraph FMS data backup - Google Drive

Any progess. It has been 5 days.