Is there a way to restore XPlane 11 navigraph fms data after reinstalling X-Plane 11?

Hello, I had to reinstall X-Plane 11. Now I wanted to restore the navdata which I made a backup using the FMS data manager. After reinstalling, there is only an option to update it. Now since I am not subscribed anymore and update, it will say I don’t have an active Navigraph subscription, and the backup button is greyed out and hovering over it says “No restore possible”. Even though I have a backup saved. What should I do now. I can obviously get another subscription again but I was only planning to get Navigraph FMS data for a month and once the month ends, just wait until I see signs of outdated fms data. I would not like to pay for FMS data until later but if there is no other option, then I might just have to rebuy the subscription.



In FMS Data Manager, if you click on Stopwatch icon to right of entry X-Plane 11 (11.50+), if there are backups available they will show:

Select item and restore.

If none available, then best to take a one Month Ultimate subscription, and you can get the latest data. You might like to wait till Thursday when AIRAC 2106 releases.


The option to restore is greyed out and also says “Ready to update”.