World airport missing in your data

FZJH airport is missing from your data. Please make sure the worldwide airport is included in yourData.

The airport is in our data but the AIP of the Republic of Congo offers no runway-coordinates therefore this airport can´t be added in the addons or sim. There is no official reference for the runway. Sorry.


I could not believe that Navigraph doesn’t have any coordinates of this airport. I am really disappointed after being a subscriber for a long time . I have a chart from Navigraph from this airport since 2008.

|ID|Width|Length|Bearing (true/mag)|Surface|Threshold|Overrun|Markings|Lighting|
|13|148 ft / 45 m|8,250 ft / 2,515 m|130.05° / 127.59°|ASPHALT|0 ft / 0 m|155 ft / 47 m|APP|CENTERLINE EDGE THRESHOLD|
|31|148 ft / 45 m|8,250 ft / 2,515 m|310.05° / 307.60°|ASPHALT|650 ft / 198 m|155 ft / 47 m|APP|CENTERLINE EDGE THRESHOLD|

thanks but to report this to our data provider, we need an official libk of these values. Official means from the AIP of the country or any other real aviation certified link, where they can see the coordinates.

Also, please can you post a current chart (airport charts) as an example, because I haven’t found any on my machine and when they are included since 2008, it looks I fo something wrong.

Thank you for your help

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