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I can see this question has been asked a few times, but the reason given is not valid. There are several airports in China, India, etc. (ZUDC, ZUBD, VNSB to name a few) that are not in the Navigraph Database. Your previous answers have said that it is not in JEPP DB and or the info is not provided to public by the host country. This maybe not factually true, as I am a RWP and have JEPP subscriptions through Foreflight and every single airport is in the database; including all runways, runway lengths and slope, closest METAR and TAFS, SID/STARS and Approaches (if Applicable). I love Navigraph and the info it provides for SIM users, so I’m not at all trying to come across harshly or negatively. As a paying subscriber I just want to point out this one issue and get a correct and accurate resolve. If it’s the case that you do not want to provide these airports in your database for whatever reason. Well then that is fine and your choice as a company. If so please let us (subscribers) know that this info is not provided in your product. Please don’t give us reasons or answers that are simply factually wrong and untrue.

please can you post a Jeppesen chart of such missing airport from Foreflight, that we can clarify?

The official reason is exactly what we have written. The source data comes from each country, Jeppesen merge it to one large ARINC424 file and do some validation. This is explained very simple.

When the country doesn’t offer such data for public, Jeppesen can’t include it. The only way than is, that an airline (like as an example China Air) requests a tailored recordset, which will be created specially for this airline.

We are not an airline and we haven’t requested any tailored records, therefore we use the standard means all data which are available via the official AIP of each country.

Thats the hard facts and true.


No sir you are incorrect, I’m not with an airline. I’m a private pilot with a ForeFlight Subscription. All the data for the airports in question are included for everyone. They are also in the Garmin App database as well as you can look up the info for these airports on several different websites including AOPA Directory. All the data is public for these airports and is provided to public. I will be glad to show you this information on these airports. So no your answer is not correct and in fairness to us all I would suggest you do some fact checking on yourself before giving explanations that are clearly not correct and I say that with all do respect. I’ve included screenshots of one example out of ForeFlight (mind you I do not even have a subscription to Asia, so this is data that is available for free). Now these are the True Hard Facts.

Allright, you don’t trust my answer than it’s ok … There are no data available which are not available from the AIPs of countries. Believe it or not … Show me to this example the correspo ding AIP entry and we will report this.

Thanks and have a nice day

So the information on ForeFlight, the information on sites like AOPA and Metar-TAF, the Garmin Training app has these airports, the G1000 in my Cirrus has these airports. I was at plane this morning and plugged in KPMP direct ZPDL, it was 7,701nm (not a trip I’ll be taking) and it’s there. So we’ve established that these airports have public data and provide it to the Public as that is unarguable. You talk of “AIP” which I’m not even sure what exactly you’re talking about as it’s an acronym in aviation that is used for many things. I’m gonna assume you mean the “Aeronautical Information Publication”, which again does contain these airports as I’ve shown you the actual FAA 10-9 chart for one of the airports that you claim the country doesn’t give data on airport, which again is clearly and factually false. It doesn’t appear you are willing to do even a second of research and are content on spitting out “it’s not public data in the AIP” which I’ve proven in many different ways is blatantly false. I don’t know maybe if you keep saying it then eventually it will be true. I’ve given all types of examples of why you are incorrect that are backed up with fact and you just say it isn’t so and provide not piece of information that would explain your explanation. Your unwillingness to look into the matter to see if possibly something on your side is wrong or inaccurate, you try to tell me I’m wrong in a very matter of fact way. Not only is it unprofessional it looks badly on your company and shows that you don’t have much knowledge in this subject and are not interested in expanding what knowledge you have. I’ve showed in black and white (literally) that the info is available and as you said “that’s the truth and the real facts. Thank you

Thank you, our data supplier don’t offer the data to us - so, we haven’t it in our database and we can offer it too.

Have a nice flight and a nice weekend

I have showed the corresponding info for one airport, you’ve chosen to just ignore it and pretend it doesn’t exists for whatever reason. I’m in the US in South Florida I get the same data as the everyone else, I have no special subscriptions or requests into the Chinese Government. The information is simply provided by ForeFlight which gets all of its database info from Jeppesen, the same place Navigraph and most of the world gets it.

Lastly and simply the best proof that these missing airports are part of the current AIP is that they have ICAO Identifiers, to be part of the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) the airport is required to share current and updated information about the said airport for it to be an ICAO airport. Each airport that is missing has an ICAO identifier and therefore is providing data required by the ICAO and is published in the AIP. Not sure how much more proof you need to admit that your explanation is wrong and the info is in the AIP; why you don’t provide it is the million dollar question.

Ok that is fine and a very acceptable answer, thank you.

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I think I’ve figured out the disconnect. I’m looking at the AIP for Nepal (included pdf) and though they have all the airports listed with info including the ones missing from Navigraph (using VNSB in this example). All the airports listed that are missing from Navigraph seem to be VFR only airports. So I’m guessing these are not included in the Navigraph DB for obvious reasons and what was causing the confusion between us. Thank you again and I never meant any disrespect to you or Navigraph, simply was trying to figure out the answer.
NEPAL AIP.pdf (359.9 KB)

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