Africa and China Maps

Hi. Just wondering if there are plans to cover Africa and China a bit more extensively. I may be doing something wrong, but they seems to be lacking a little at the moment. I appreciate you have a lot of planet to cover o_O

Hello, sometimes the data lacks due to government constraints with distribution. Hope that helps.

Thanks for your reply! So Jeppeson charts wouldn’t exist for those places?

Right, because the countries doesn’t offer such information (charts and/or data) and therefore the source provider (not only Jeppesen) can’t include it.


Ah I see. I was confused because the airports code turns up in the msfs map, but not on n navigraph. But I suppose you need more info than that right?

The airport icao codes will not be handled by the countries itself - it´s a kind of central database where such codes will be stored. The data and the charts for these airports are the issue - these data will not be offered due security reasons, due authority reasons or as Jason wrote, simple due to government constraints.

When the governments/countries doesn´t offer these information, the source providers can´t be included it, independent if you have a valid airport icao code or not.Again, normally the airport codes (at least for public-civil) should all included in our database but not all airports have charts or do have data for it.

Hope that helps

PS: Do you look for a special airport somewhere? When yes, yes please an example would be great and we can look deeper into it …

Thanks so much foe your response. When I do some more Africa flights I will let you know if I come across some that aren’t in the database. Cheers.

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