Will there ever be ability to choose and remember where to export a flight plan?

On the PC with Charts, the export function does not seem to remember where I last exported to consistently ( I have to manually repoint to the PMDFG flightplans folder proper folder)and does not offer any options to preselect where (as does SIMBRIEF) to export the .rte plan to. With MSFS each aircraft variant, ie PMDG 700, 800, 900 all have their own flightplan folders that are unique. Most of my flightplans can be used with any of those variants, but as it stands I would have export to one folder and then copy the flight plan to each of the other folders of variants that I might purchase which can be tedious.

Will the feature to preselect a group of destinations and export once to all of them ever be implemented?

This must be particularly difficult to implement for Charts PC for some reason.


Hi Greg,

The Charts Export saves to the last Save location used. I agree there are enhancements which could be implemented.

We have many suggestions and are trying to gauge user interest for our development priorities.

Could you please post and importantly vote for this suggestion in the Wishlist - Navigraph .

Thank you.