Exporting Flight Plan

I have attempted to export FP into PMDG 737-700 without luck. Is there another way to export to a
PLN file or to the sim from In-game panel ? Apparently the Desktop Panel has this facility.


You can use Charts Desktop or Charts Cloud to create, edit and export into PMDG rte format plans.

You can also use SimBrief to do similarly and SimBrief Downloader to have them ready to load into PMDG 737 FMC.

Please see PMDG Problem - #7 by pmdg08 and FAQ - Exporting SimBrief flight plans to PMDG 737 for MSFS


Ian, thanks for your help. I have the Navigraph Ingame PMDG panel, which doesn’t give me
the choices of the Desktop panel (see attached). Even so the FP won’t export to the FMC.
Should I uninstall and replace with the Desktop panel ? Can’t find topic on forum,
can you offer a solution ? Cheers, RGR002
FP Export.bmp (1.4 MB)

The In-Game panel does not have the facility to export pln or rte files.

You can do this by installing Charts Desktop or running Charts Cloud with the links I have given above. You can also export SimBrief plans as I have indicated.