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Good morning Ian. If I may, I have a suggestion for the Charts Apo that you might consider for a future update. When you want to export a chart to a storage folder or to another app such as SimBrief you have to do it in two steps… 1) Save it to the appropriate ,fms folder and 2) Save it to the clipboard. It would simplify this process if the selected route were saved to the clipboard automatically just by opening this menu, no matter if you save the route elsewhere or not. That would eliminate having to access the drop down menu twice to perform these similar functions. Note… I see the Export menu has been moved and now requires accessing the Options section. I preferred it when the Export function was displayed in the General section, again to avoid excess steps to save a route. I have now grown used to the new Charts App format and like it very much. I just hope now that everything works the engineers don’t try to fix it. :upside_down_face:


Hi Steve,

When you suggest automatic save to clipboard do you mean the text string from image, or the formatted Export flight plan?


Hi Ian, I had in mind whatever is copied to the clipboard when you invoke that from the dropdown menu. It’s what I then paste into SkyVector and SimBrief (though the latter creates its own runway data). It would be nice if, when you save the flight plan to XP12/fms plans, say, you are also copying the plan to the clipboard so all you need to do is go to SimBrief and paste in the Route space. I’m just a bit anal about saving steps :smile: :smile: and thought I’d throw that in the Suggestion Bin.

Best, Steve Haines

Hi Steve,

Have placed the suggestion in our Suggestion Tracker, thank you.


Ian, You are absolutely welcome. Glad to contribute my 2¢ worth.


This morning I was delighted to see that my suggestion to combine saving chart data to a file and to the clipboard in one screen, not requiring reopening the export window, was adopted and implemented. Terrific! Thank you very much for considering this slight but nice improvement.
Best regards,
Steve Haines,

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